On my way home from the grocery store, it seems the little mom and pop store by the projects got robbed. 3 cruisers outside the store and cruisers all over the place on the west side looking for someone. Low life no doubt,, my advice,,, get a fu*king job and earn your fu*king payday you loser.

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  1. rebecca2013

    sigh…. the trouble with crime is that it isn’t just in the big cities…. it is rampant… EVERYWHERE…. I live in a very quiet normally very secure neighborhood, with judges, military and other government people… we had windows busted recently including mine!! and my friend who is a federal judge across the street from me, had his basement broken into, stole 2 laptops and a printer…..

    January 30, 2017
    1. smitty45

      That is true. No one is immune to being a victim, nor any area,, big city, small city, town nor village. And it gets worse as time marches on. Getting to the point, having to wear a sidearm within the walls of thy own castle, no matter where.

      January 31, 2017
  2. depressedgirl

    Craig wants a gun, but I don’t. I hate guns. They should be only owned by stable people. There are not enough laws surrounding the buying of firearms in place to protect the public. Assault weapons and things like that should not be sold to any regular citizen. What do they need it for?

    February 01, 2017
    1. smitty45

      That is true,, stable people should only have guns. Thing is, they can write all the laws they want,, the low lives can buy a gun on any city street corner.. As far as assault riffles, you are correct,,, no citizen needs one,, they should be outlawed.. How I feel,, had our forefathers been able to see into the future,, the 2nd amendment,,, it would be something else.

      February 01, 2017
      1. depressedgirl

        I agree. One of my brothers-in-laws has an assault rifle. I still don’t know why. It scares me, since he is terrified of everything and everybody.

        February 02, 2017
  3. joshuabundey

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    May 03, 2017